About Us

Few people know that Styling JSC was one of the main manufacturing plants producing items made of solid wood for the IKEA company.

Everyone's favorite, versatile racks and storage systems: Ivar, furniture collections Ingu, Farsund, Rast, Perjohan, Bialitt, Oddvar and others, were supplied for IKEA by our company.

Why Choose Us

  • High quality sustainable materials
    We use sustainable materials only. Taking care of your health for us comes first.
  • Fast and easy assembly
    Our furniture consists of modules and can be assembled in rooms of any size.
  • Manufactured in Russia
    Since its opening, Styling has become one of the first companies to export to the European market. By 2022, the company is proud to export our products to 14 countries (e.i. Germany, France, Canada, USA, China) and to more than 300 outlets worldwide!
  • Great Price
    We guarantee great quality at a bargain price. Having our own manufacturing plant and expertise in the furniture industry for over 30 years, provides our customers with high quality furniture that they can enjoy using for many years.
  • Great variety of furniture items
    A wide range of products in a versatile, clean Scandinavian style and various colors can satisfy the needs of the most demanding buyer.

Durable, high-quality furniture - proven by laboratory tests!

All products manufactured by us are certified in accordance with the requirements of GOST